The Psychology of Resolving Addictive Behaviour

“Stop sabotaging your health, wealth & self!”

A course for those wishing to heal themselves and find the freedom to become their true self!

It is time to stop shooting ourselves in the foot! Nothing affects our adult life nearly so much as our childhood. Unthinking parental behaviour leads to a myriad of dysfunctional behaviours in the growing child that, by adulthood, are all but invisible. Most important and critical of these is a desire for unhappiness and poor self-worth. As incredible as this sounds, most of us have such a desire to one degree or another.

This leads to such things as always putting ourselves last, thinking failure at work, thinking lack at home, thinking that hurt is OK, thinking that relationships must fail, thinking that abuse is normal, thinking that rainbows of happiness are only for other people. Why on earth would we want to sabotage ourself like this? Because of confused love, when children, for our parents. No matter what happened to us, as tiny children we thought it was love…… In this hands-on, learn-on-the-spot workshop you’ll discover why you sabotage yourself, how you sabotage yourself and how to overcome it in order to live a fearless, fulfilled and generally joyous life.

This is for anyone wishing to heal themselves. It is also ideal for those seeking to break into self-sabotage support work with others.

For workshop bookings call Raylene on 0749552246

Sat 24th & Sun 25th March
8 Bracken St, Slade Point
Your investment $300.00

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